Top Trending Kitchen Countertop Designs in 2021

Sep 13, 2021

While the kitchen is the most used room in your house, it is essential to make it as appealing and comfortable as possible. With lots of innovative design ideas to customize your kitchen, countertops are among the most effective design elements.   Kitchen countertops are the proper foundation of any kitchen design. They set the tone and the general feel of the kitchen space.


When doing a kitchen renovation, ensure that you choose the suitable material, finish, and countertop design that will reflect your lifestyle.   For your countertop project, consider hiring reputable kitchen countertop companies to assist you with remodeling your kitchen. Hiring an expert is vital for your countertop installation project.


Other than performing the installation, they can help you pick the suitable countertop material and design to give your kitchen a distinctive look. Here are some of the top trending countertop designs in 2021 that you can choose from.




Quartz countertop material is at the top of most designer’s lists and the most frequently requested material for kitchen surfaces. This material is non-porous, meaning resistant to stains, spills, bacteria, heat, and scratches.


quartz countertop 2021


In addition, quartz countertops are durable and require extremely low maintenance. Even better, this material can be customized to any color, pattern, or finish that you prefer since it is a man-made material.

On top of that, Quartz material can be modified to resemble marble, stone, and high-end granite closely. It is also cost-effective thus continues to be the most popular option for homeowners. Among the trendiest colored variants include white and grey.



Granite is the most popular countertop material for both residential and commercial uses. Its natural beauty and diamond-hard durability make it ideal for kitchen countertops. Being one of the most functional building materials globally over the last 20 years, it is known for its high resistance to heat, stains, and scratches.


granite kitchen countertop 2021


When properly sealed, granite countertops are less prone to breeding bacteria, thus providing a reliable workspace. The most popular granite colors are chestnut brown, blue pearl, absolute black, and tan brown. In addition, this material is also cost-effective, acid-resistant, and more durable than its counterparts.


Honed vs. Polished


On top of the finish you choose for your countertop, you can add a unique touch to your design. Adding a honed or polished countertop finish is a step to creating that perfect kitchen design. A matte or honed finish is one of the most trending finishes, while a glossy finish remains the most popular.


These two materials can be applied to different materials such as marble, quartz, and granite. Honed or matte finish has little to no shine and works well with marble. Due to the absence of shine, it can conceal scratches, fingerprints, and marks well.


However, its outcome will vary depending on the type of stone but still bring out a smooth surface and low-sheen look.   On the other hand, a polished finish appears glossy, mirror-like, and often reflects light, thus illuminating your kitchen. However, a polished finish doesn’t conceal fingerprints; hence you may need to wipe down the counter more often.


Butcher Block or wood countertops


Still holding its position at top ranks, Butcher Block is among the most popular material choice for kitchen countertops. This countertop design can pair well with many design styles and color palettes. Since it’s made of wood, it’s prone to moisture damage.


butcher block countertop


However, to prevent this, you only need to seal it with two coats of food-safe mineral oil or walnut oil every month. Thus, it is one of the most affordable countertops, requiring low maintenance.


Some wood countertops are made of various hardwoods such as mahogany, cherry, maple, and madrone, which are long-lasting and add a warm, cozy feel to different kitchen styles. If you are looking for an earthy element to add to your kitchen, consider picking Butcher Block.


Countertops with patterns


With technology to offer creative solutions, homeowners seek to add a bit of character to their countertops. Different materials like quartz are being designed to resemble granite and marble by creating vein-like patterns that are swirled into countertop slabs.


More countertops with patterns are gaining popularity as they are perfect to create a modern aesthetic look to the kitchen space. Gone are the days of countertops with a plain style, with more homeowners looking for an elegant kitchen design.


Waterfall countertop edge


Waterfall countertops are an excellent option for homeowners looking to add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to their kitchen design. They feature a unique finished edge that makes a 90-degree angle, heading towards the floor and continuing down the side of the cabinet or setting area. This unique finished edge symbolizes water pouring off over a cliff, hence the name waterfall edge.


Different materials can be used to create a waterfall edge, including quartz, granite, and marble. Waterfall edges are made of solid material covering the corners, preventing scratches or injuries that may arise from sharp marble corners.


waterfall countertop design trend


Colored countertops


If you want to brighten up your kitchen, colored countertops might be what you are looking for. It’s always great to add contrast to your kitchen to create that vibrant environment in your home. For a more affluent and sophisticated look, consider a dark color like dark green.


While white kitchens are still a thing of the past, you cannot deny the bright white tone it sets in your kitchen. Aside from being easy to keep clean, white countertops blend in well with any décor.


Concrete countertops


For a more industrial look, concrete kitchen countertops are a perfect choice. They are highly durable, not to mention budget-friendly. For this reason, more customers prefer concrete as a material to bring a contemporary style of design to their kitchen, plus it’s eco-friendly.

concrete countertop trend

You can also customize this countertop design; for instance, small items such as glass fragments, shells, and stones can be pressed onto the surface during installation. Concrete countertops can also take on multiple different color shadings and polishes to suit any kitchen style.   They also require less effort when cleaning and are cheap to maintain. In order to fabricate them, it requires the skill and experience of trained professionals.


Glass countertops


Initially, homeowners were worried about glass countertops claiming that they were fragile. Now, substantial, durable tampered glass items are available in the market hence picking up popularity for the past few years.   As of 2021, glass countertops are among the most popular kitchen countertops due to their eco-friendliness and hi-tech appeal since they are often made from recycled materials.


They are highly resistant to scratches, less breakable, and very easy to clean and maintain.   Glass countertops are also available in different colors, styles, and textures. Unlike some metal countertops, glass is highly resistant to heat. Hence you can place hot pans and pots without having to worry about shrinkage. In addition, their lack of porosity leaves no room for bacteria and dirt to get trapped in.


Stylish countertops with mounted sinks


While ensuring that your countertop is getting modern treatment, don’t leave the sinks behind.

undermounted sink kitchen countertop

We see stylish countertops with mounted sinks, including matte black, gold, and brass sinks being at the top lead. Oversized sinks are also gaining popularity since when expanding the kitchen area, appliances should expand as well. Hence large sinks go hand in hand with other bigger appliances such as an oversized fridge.


Solid surfaces


Solid surfaces are artificial materials, usually made of acrylic, alumina trihydrate (ATH), and polyester resins and pigments. These non-porous materials are perfect for kitchen countertops since they also require low maintenance.   On top of that, these beautiful materials have a vintage appearance and offer you a custom-design option. This material can be crafted to mimic the appearance of marble, stone, and granite and is available in various finishes, from matte to polished finishes.   Its color and design flexibility makes it the material of choice for most designers and architects.


Choose your countertop design!


Countertops play an essential role in the kitchen space since that’s where many home activities take place. A countertop can be used as a substitute for the dining table or for preparing your meals and to accommodate the installation of sinks and other large appliances.


It can also be used to accommodate added accessories such as cutting boards and water dispensers. Therefore, it is essential to choose a countertop design that well reflects your lifestyle and is functionally sound.   More so, it should work flawlessly with cabinets, flooring, and the overall design of your kitchen room.


To achieve that unique kitchen design, you need to familiarize yourself with the upcoming year’s top trends of kitchen countertops.   Choosing the right countertop design is of great advantage to you as a homeowner since it increases your home value. Use these stylish countertop ideas to help you make the right choice. After all, it’s all about making your kitchen speak volumes about your personality!