Top Kitchen Countertop Colors for 2021

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Trends

Every year sees a new slate of colors become popular with homeowners and potential buyers. That’s no different for 2021, despite the global pandemic and other challenges the world has faced.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, you may want to make use of one of these unique colors for your counters.

While most people think about colors in relation to their cabinets, using one of the most popular kitchen countertop colors can change how the entire space feels.

Here are ten of the most popular kitchen countertop colors for 2021.

Pental Misterio 

Pental Misterio is a color of quartz that is a gorgeous white. It’s perfect for those who love the idea of a bright white kitchen, but it can also work for darker kitchens.

It combines the durability and strength of quartz with a sleek, stylish look that includes some veining.

Pental Misterio is also a good color for your bathroom, making it a quartz color you can use throughout your home to tie various rooms together.

Pental Argento

If the bright white look isn’t quite for you, there are other quartz countertop colors to choose from. One of the darker options is Pental Argento.

It’s more of a warm brown or tan than it is a white, so it can serve as a nice way of adding some brightness to a kitchen with dark cabinets.

This can be a nice option if you want a light quartz countertop but also want something that isn’t likely to show stains.

NuStone Golden

NuStone is a mixture of quartz, bonding agents, resins, and other materials. The final product is very durable and easy to clean, plus it looks great.

It’s also naturally heat, stain, and scratch-resistant, so sealants are not needed. This reduces the amount of maintenance necessary for the countertop.

NuStone Golden is one of the most popular countertop colors for this type of quartz. It’s a white quartz material with fine veining.

This will give your countertops a very clean, sleek look. The thin veins add a touch of texture, breaking up the plain white look.

Pental Venoso

Pental Venoso is more of a grey quartz, and it has much more veining to it than NuStone or many other options.

It’s a gorgeous quartz that can transform your kitchen. It can add that touch of color to your all-white cabinets, but it also works well with a number of other colors.

It can make accent colors really pop, too. If you plan on accenting your kitchen with pops of red, yellow, or bright blue, Pental Venoso may be perfect.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is one of the most popular marble options, and that’s going to continue into 2021.

It’s a white/grey color with a good number of veins running through it. It’s one of the most common Italian marbles, but that doesn’t make it any less luxurious.

The gray background with its lighter veining works with many color schemes, making it one of the most versatile marble countertop colors available.


Macabaus is a color of quartzite that comes from Brazil.

It’s mostly a white color, though it tends towards more of a dirty white than a brilliant white thanks to the charcoal grey veins that heavily run through the stone.

This is a great choice when adding a bold color to your counters. While quartzite can be a bit more pricy than granite, it’s often the right choice for a kitchen thanks to its coloring.

Bianco Antico

If you’re looking at granite countertop colors, one of the current trends is to use Bianco Antico. This is a soft gray granite that features beautiful tan and pink accents.

In fact, while it’s often used in kitchen countertops, Bianco Antico is also a great option for backsplashes, floors, and even entire accent walls.

What’s great is that granite can be used indoors and out, so you can add some of this beautiful stone to your landscaping in order to tie your interior and exterior décor schemes together.

You can also use it on an outdoor kitchen countertop if you want to bring a bit of its drama to your outdoor space.

Silver Macaubas 

Silver Macaubas quartzite isn’t a true silver color, but it does contain more grey in it than a pure White Macaubas would.

It features dark grey veins that are sometimes almost black. It’s one of the more dramatic quartzite countertop colors because of this contrast, and it looks great on a large surface such as a kitchen island.

It’s a good option for anyone looking for a bold slab of quartzite with some pattern and texture to it.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal quartzite may be named after the location in India, but this stone typically comes from Brazil. It’s a white stone, and it actually looks similar to Calacatta marble.

However, it’s more durable than marble, which is why it’s a great option for kitchens. Its veins typically tend to be taupe or even bring in some pink hues.

These veins don’t contrast with the white as much as the veins in Macabaus quartzite do, so it’s not as dramatic. However, that might be perfect if you’re looking for kitchen countertops that don’t immediately draw the eye.

Which Color is Right for You?

When looking at colors for kitchen countertops, it’s not always easy to immediately know which color is going to work in the space. This is as true in 2021 as it has been in any year.

If you’re having trouble deciding which color to use for your countertop, here are a few pointers.

First, have you determined what other colors you will use in the kitchen? If you know you want your cabinets to be a specific color, you can start narrowing down your counter choices by seeing what works with that color.

If you’re changing the flooring, you can work off of that color, too. If you have a dark-colored floor and dark cabinets, you may want to go with a lighter countertop to create a nice contrast.

It all depends on what you like and what colors are already on your kitchen palette.

On the other hand, you can base your color scheme around your counters. Next to your cabinet color, your kitchen countertop colors are likely going to be the first colors someone notices.

If you’ve always dreamed of your large kitchen island covered in white quartz, you can use that as your starting point.

Then you pick the colors for your cabinets, flooring, and other décor from there.

Don’t forget to consider the rest of your home. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you might want to use the same counters there as you do in the kitchen. This could impact your decision if you know you want your bathroom to match a specific style, that will dictate your kitchen countertop color.

If you’re adding a countertop to your outdoor kitchen, you may need to look at the exterior color of your home, the color of your deck, and other surroundings of your outdoor space.

Availability may also be a concern when considering countertop colors for the kitchen. Some stone may not be available in the color you want, or it may be available but not in your area.

In that case, you will have to factor in shipping costs and if it’s worth it. Also be certain you consider the differences between quartz, marble, and quartzite.

They aren’t all the same, and it helps knowing how they differ.


Veins or No Veins?

Another thing to consider is whether or not you want countertops with prominent veining. Veins occur in many stones and are caused by mineral impurities.

Typically, these veins contrast from the main stone. Some are much darker or lighter than the stone, so they really stand out. Others are closer to the same color and create more of a subtle pattern.

Some types of stone tend to have more prominent veins than others. However, it’s possible for two slabs of the same countertop stone to have very different veins, especially if they come from different areas.

In general, a countertop with a lot of veins in it makes more of a dramatic, bold statement than one with fewer veins or with veins that don’t stand out as much.

It really depends on what you prefer and your overall look. For example, if you have grey cabinets, you might want a countertop that is white with grey veins.

Veins are purely aesthetic, so it doesn’t affect how durable your counters will be. This is a choice that you can leave completely up to looks.

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